How To Choose The Ideal High Heels?

High heels bring a touch of femininity and elegance to any outfit. If you are in the search of the ideal high heels, there are some things that you should know first.

Firstly, the one thing that is guaranteed, you should search it on the This website provides all models and their prices are very good. You save time and money by doing so.

Secondly, in order to choose the right pair, you need to think of you comfort and body shape. For instance, if you have thick ankles, don’t buy strap shoes, because they will distract all the attention on the fact that your ankles are thick. What you need are those so called “pump shoes”, they are right for your legs and they make them look longer than they actually are.

If you are short, avoid the “T” strap shoes, because this type of shoes will only do worse, they will “cut” even more of your leg length and they also make you legs look thicker than they actually are. The best for you in this situation is a pair of nude shoes, with high heels. That is actually all that you need. If you don’t like nude shoes, then you should mostly buy light colors and always high heels, you will look great!

If you just want to add the illusion that your legs are longer, then pointy high heels are the right choice. However, this kind of shoe may be very uncomfortable to wear, especially for those with wide feet. In this case, you should wear these only on special occasion and not every day.

If you have wide feet, then, you should wear rounded top shoes, you will feel extremely comfortable and these shoes also offer a vintage air and they are very chic.

Since now you know which kind of shoe is ideal for your feet, the rest is easy. With a simple search on the, you can find all sorts of shoes, in various colors and models, good quality and great prices.

Calvin Klein Whinnie Pumps Heels Shoes Purple Womens

For example, I like these shoes I accidentally found on the website. They are Calvin Klein and the price is absolutely fabulous, just like the design of the shoe.

They are very elegant and chic and they go best with an office outfit. However, you can always wear jeans and dresses as well; skirts are welcomed too, because they are very easy to be matched.

These high heels are very comfortable therefore you can always try them out at a cocktail party or a dancing one. You won’t hurt your feet as the material is very good. The heels height is around 4.5”. Even if that sounds intimidating, believe me, they are very comfortable so you can wear them all day long. The cleaning part is a bit complicated, the material is regular suede upper and man made outsole, so it would be great if you can avoid rains as much as possible when wearing them.

They are very lovely and the price is good. So, if you know how to pick the right shoes, you also know now what to spend you money on.

High Heels, The Every Party’s Secret

When you are getting ready for a party, you pay attention to every detail. Shoes are of a high importance here.

Women feel much powerful, confident and young when they wear high heels, and specialists believe that their desire of wearing such shoes last around 51 years.

Thus, every girl and woman should have at least one pair of high heels. They are appropriate for any occasion, not just parties, but when it comes to parties, they are a must have. Although that would be a paradox, as for a party you need shoes that allow you to dance and move a lot, high heels may be very intimidating on this aspect.

Why are they a secret ingredient then?

Firstly, out there is fashion. Lots of styles, trends, interesting designs, bold colors, personal look is very important nowadays. Is somehow funny how things work nowadays. If I look back, in ancient times women were very careful with their skins and clothing, but those were only royal women. The common ones were mostly working around the house and they didn’t have the time or the resources to think about which dress, if they had any, to wear for a party. Today, we can’t go outside to buy milk at the corner shop without adding extra lipstick or wearing the latest trend in clothing area. This is actually good, as it means we care about our looks and we care about being pleasant around others.

Therefore, if ancient women didn’t have time to properly prepare for a party, today’s women are all in. We buy everything, head to toes, literally, to look great and be admired. For instance, my latest acquisition was a tiara as I saw they become a trend and they look good in pictures.

There are few things that you should always have when you attend a party. A bag, high heels, a good looking dress and earrings. These are the minimum requirements for you to look great, whether you spent money or not.

On this list, the most important item is the pair of high heels. They are not hard to choose, as all of them look great, but you always have to feel good wearing it. Comfort brings you confidence.

So how do you choose the right high heels? That is easy actually. Find the dress first. The length of the dress is not very important and then, all you have to do is search the for a matching pair of shoes.

Women's White and Black Polka Dot High Heel Shoes - Size 9

I can recommend you a great pair of high heels from this website, they are white and black, therefore easy to match almost every possible outfit, and they are dotted and very elegant. The price? A bargain!  I like them very much; they are very comfortable and elegant because of the colors and dots. They also have a shiny black trim and bow and they look really cute. The heel’s height is around 3’’, so you are able to move freely and you won’t get tired dancing.

In my opinion, this pair is worth buying for any occasion, not just for the parties, and the price is really low, therefore, I believe they make a great deal.

High Heels, High Feminine Power

High heels are a fantastic way to cheat height and get the illusion of an equilibrated silhouette. Any woman who is not very tall and not very pleased with her legs form, can get a boost of confidence and a better look by wearing high heels.

However, these high heels are often very expensive and not every woman can afford it. That is why cheap heels are a great alternative. Cheap heels mean good looking shoes, but at a low price.

I have plenty of these, I buy them on the and I am very pleased with my purchases. Although the shoes quality is not very high, these high heels are worth the price because they are very efficient. Think about the times when you suddenly have to go to a meeting or to a reunion. These types of events require a new outfit and with that, new shoes, new accessories and more time spent in the stores. Now, you are already spending money investing in a new cute outfit or elegant dress, because those are not cheap if they look good.  It is best to buy quality clothes, as you may wear them in other occasions too and it would be a shame to spend more money when you can have a good suit or dress form the beginning.

Dresses and suits require accessories, like scarves, necklaces, bags. Those are a bit pricey too, so here we are, spending the whole budget on these essential items. I have often been in this situation, lacking the right amount of money to buy a pair of shoes. Luckily we have I found thousands of shoes that aren’t expensive and good looking. This means that any outfit can be saved by purchasing the right shoes for it at a good price that anyone can afford.

Few weeks ago I had to go to a baby showering. I had my outfit figured it all up, but no high heels. At first I called my best friend to borrow a pair of shoes to match my outfit with. I hit the road, went to her place, tried everything on, too large, too glam, too flat, basically my trip was in vain. The stores were already closed and I didn’t have other solution but to change my outfit. Then she told me about buying them online, and I remembered Amazon. So, I searched the website and found these nice high heels, perfect for the occasion and a complete match to my dress.

Qupid Potion-05 Patent Two Tone Toe Cap Pump Mint Yellow

If you like mint color, I would recommend you to try these ones out. They look very trendy, very fresh. The heels height is around 4.25” and they beautifully elongate your feet. The shoes are pointy and they make you look really elegant. My friend was very excited for me to get this pair of shoes and together we bought two pairs, in two different sizes. The moment I tried them on, after they arrived, I didn’t want to get them off. I was extremely surprised of how comfortable they actually are and they offer you all that you need from a shoe: good style, great color, easy to clean, comfort, easy to match, height, and elegance. Everything, in a pair of high heels! I got plenty of compliments for them and I am pleased with my purchase. So, girls, if you ever feel like buying shoes for a certain occasion, can be a great help.